Delhi Public School Bharuch

Communication with Class Teacher

Parents of existing students can communicate with the school by writing to the class-teacher using the communication mode of the school’s digital platform (only applicable for the existing students of the school).

Kindly note the following very important points regarding the communication done with class-teacher of your ward:

  1. 1. Please don't send any messages at odd hours like after 7:00 pm or early morning at 6:00 am, if the message is a question / query.
  1. 2. If you are sending any information then it is ok to send the message at any time.
  1. 3. Also note that it is required to give class-teacher 24 hours to respond to your message. The teachers also have many other important works to do. So messages sent at late night or early morning will be answered in due course of time only.
  1. 4. Parents must plan the message in such a way that it would be answered in 24 hours. If the teachers could answer early then they will.

Kindly keep all the above in mind while communicating with the teachers.